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Dalian Zhengxing Abrasive Co., Ltd. is the world's leading manufacturer of Boron Carbide and the industry representative of advanced ceramic material.

The Boron Carbide powder, Silicon Carbide powder, RTP powder and industrial ceramic products of Dalian Zhengxing Abrasive, mainly apply to the fields of national defense, civil nuclear power, semiconductor chip, high-performance ceramic target material, industrial ceramics, pharmaceutical intermediates and automotive safety. Today, our company has become the approved preferred qualified supplier by more than 30 countries and regions in high-end application market.

The Boron Carbide crystal growth base of Dalian Zhengxing Abrasive is located in the new raw material processing zone of Heihe, and is the only Chinese factory that uses developed self-control technology and vacuum smelting furnaces to grow the Boron Carbide crystal.

Headquartered in Dalian, China, our company is a high-tech enterprise issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Dalian Zhengxing Abrasive equips advanced processing machinery imported from Europe and America, on-line particle size analysis system, German ceramic filter system. It matches the international environmental requirements, and deploys the ISO certification systematically.


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